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Set o oleuadau ‘Wrecsam’ | Set of ‘Wrexham’ Lights

Set o oleuadau ‘Wrecsam’ | Set of ‘Wrexham’ Lights

We Love Wrexham! | Dyn ni’n Caru Wrecsam!

.. and we want o celebrate that every day!

A string of 20 battery operated LED lights with 18 acrylic letters and dragons.


- Features WRECSAM and WREXHAM in frosted acrylic and 4 dragons in fluorescent red acrylic spaced along a single string of 20 LED lights

- Size of letters approx. 60mm x 60mm

- LED lights are battery operated (2 x AA not included)



Please note that the letters and dragons are attached to the lights by specially designed clips. The lights have not been permanently fixed, to allow the user to adjust the direction of the letter/ dragon when hanging. They may move in transit, but they should not completely detach. Simply push the light back into place and align the acrylic as desired.


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