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Llwy Caru | Love Spoon

Llwy Caru | Love Spoon

Addurn Llwy Garu / Ffafr Briodas/ Llyfrnod | Love Spoon Decoration/ Wedding Favour / Bookmark


Our dragon now adorns the ultimate Welsh Gift!


Love Spoons have traditionally been given as a gift to show love and commitment, but nowadays they are given to celebrate a whole range of events - or just to say Diolch.


Each element of the spoon has a meaning. Our love spoon is made up of the following symbols:


Y Ddraig/ Dragon - the symbol of Wales and a sign of protection

Y Calon/ Heart - the symbol of everlasting love

Clymwaith Celtaidd/ Celtic Knot - eternal or everlasting love or friendship


Ready to hang with hemp cord. Let us know if you have a preferred colour*.


Choose from:

- small (approx. 120mm x 36mm) or large (180mm x 54mm)

- with or without the Woven ‘Antique Silver’ Charm or heart with wooden bead (please let us know your preferred colour at checkout)

- available with engraving of your choice on the heart and/or spoon


Please note wood is a natural product so there can be some variation in finish.


* Hemp cord colours currently available:

Natural, Grey, Red, Green, Blue, Burgundy, Pink, Lilac.


    Standard shipping is free on orders over £40.00. Standard rate is £3.49.

  • Gorchmynion Ffafr Priodasau |Wedding Favour Orders

    We can offer bulk buy discounts on wedding favours. Please contact us for further information.

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